Frequently Asked Questions Version
There are no additional fees associated with paying your bill online.
Advanced encryption technology is used to ensure your information stays safe and secure. Only you have access to your accounts with your User Name and Password. We strongly suggest you do not share your User Name and Password. Be assured that your information you enter to make payment is NOT stored and cannot be accessed by Tokio Marine.
We support the following desktop browsers: Internet Explorer 10 and Chrome. If you are not using one of these browsers (or versions) to interact with our website, please download or upgrade to a new browser or supported version. If you elect not to upgrade your desktop browser, your experience may not be optimal, or you may not be able to use certain tools on our website.

If you cannot recall your User Name, click "Forgot User Name?" located on the home page. This option will email your user name to you.

If you cannot recall your password, click “Forgot Password?” located on the Home Page. This option will allow you to reset your password. You also have the option to contact us for assistance.

Yes, at present paper statements will continue to be mailed. Upon receipt of your bill you will have the option to go online to pay.
Have you made a future payment? If so, the status will show as pending until the scheduled payment date.
You may schedule your payment up to the due date of that invoice.
At this time, you can visit the Statements/Payments tab and by choosing the radio button for payments, you can view payment information for date paid and amount paid. No other payment information is available but you have the option to cancel this payment (by clicking the red x next to the payment) or canceling and entering a new, updated payment.
Online Bill Pay offers you the most up to date transaction information available. Most account information will show immediately.

Yes. To use our payment portal you will need the following:

  1. Complete policy number
  2. Zip code for the Insured’s mailing address and
  3. an email address to activate and receive payment confirmation.

With these 3 items, you will be able to identify and pay the Amount Due Now or the Total Policy Balance.

If there are no outstanding invoices to be paid, you will not see your policy on the current open invoice tab. Please visit the Statements/Payments tab for a view of the billing history.

If your policy is not added, you will not see any information on either the Current Open Invoice Tab or Statements/Payments Tab. Have you added your policy to your user name/password account? Note: All rewritten and renewal policies must be added. Please visit the Settings Tab to add additional policies.

If none of the above applies, please contact us.

If you have a nonpayment cancellation notice and the due date for this bill has passed, causing the policy to cancel, your bill will not be available to pay.

Is there another user id set up for this policy number? Could another user have made partial or full payment on this bill?

If you have scheduled a future payment, the bill on the current open invoice tab, will not be removed until the date you have chosen to schedule that payment.

If your policy is cancelled or expired, the payment will be reviewed first by the Tokio Marine Direct Bill Accounting Team. Until that review is complete, the open invoice may remain on the current open invoice tab.

Have you made a short payment? If so, you will see a new invoice appear requiring additional payment to satisfy what is currently due.

If your policy had a recent premium bearing amendment, your bill on the current open invoice tab, may reflect a different Total Policy Balance based on the amendment and its associated change in premium.

Have you or another user with this policy on their account, made a short payment? If so, you will see a new invoice appear requiring additional payment.

If you are viewing the Statements/Payments Tab, the Balance Amount per bill is the total balance on the policy at the time the invoice generated. This will NOT change regardless of payments or Additional/Return premium transactions. It is a point in time view. As such, you will never see a Balance Amount as zero.

If your policy has expired or is in a final cancellation status, a portion of your payment may not be visible as it is awaiting review from our Underwriting or Finance departments. Please contact our helpdesk for clarification and further assistance.

All credit balances, regardless of whether they are the result of an endorsement, cancellation, overpayment or erroneous credit card or e-check entry, will be settled through our Refund Check process. Checks are generally processed within 10 working days. Please contact our helpdesk for clarification and further assistance.